Vogo handles the complicated voting process by combining print and online voting so you don't have to.


Combine print and online balloting to reach any demographic. We handle the design, print, and mailing. Just sit back and watch the votes roll in.


See your results in an easy to read dashboard, with real-time results available. Vogo’s digital barcode scanning system adds manual votes directly to online voting so a vote never gets counted twice.


Vogo keeps your audience information confidential with stringent data security protocols, hosted on Canadian servers. We will work with you to implement your specific data management requirements.

A voting and survey system built for your needs

The Vogo system will match your company style, and we’ll adapt its functionality to suit your unique vote. When we design and print your ballots, they’re customized to your company branding. All ballots are anonymous and equipped with barcodes. You can vote on any device through an easy to read web view.

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Assiniboine Credit Union

Jocelyn Peifer Ross B.S.H.Ec.

Manager, Corporate Affairs, Assiniboine Credit Union

We made the switch to Avenue 4 for several reasons - they are local, they have experience in hosting online election sites, the overall cost for our election was reduced, and the process was streamlined from dealing with three separate vendors to only one vendor for our annual election. And they didn't make us adapt to their system - they adapted to ours. They really did make it easy for us to manage our election. As well, Avenue 4’s online voting site enables us to encourage our members to participate electronically while we seamlessly integrate results from members who prefer traditional paper ballots. This provides us with a way of reducing our environmental footprint over time, through the reduction in printing and mailing of election packages.

Connect First Credit Union

Alison Archambault

Director of Brand & Stakeholder Engagement, Connect First Credit Union

I have appreciated the professionalism and enthusiasm of the Vogo team throughout this process. We couldn’t ask for a more supportive partner in a transition year. Vogo really streamlined our voting process and the resulting data analysis opportunities have been transformational.

Exceptionally flexible

The Vogo system is designed to be flexible, and can be adapted and customized to each unique voting process. We get your requirements, and we make it happen.


A wealth of options to reach any demographic

Choose traditional paper ballots, electronic voting through a branded website, or a combination of both.

We can mail ballots or email ballots to members where the vote can be conducted online. You can request to conduct marketing communication along with ballot distribution to increase the response rate.

We will work with you to make sure your vote goes smoothly

Vogo can take care of the entire election process, from by-laws, reviewing with lawyers, and offering 3rd party returning officers and scrutineers.

We can carry your nomination campaigns, send out press releases, receive/accept nominations, integrate simultaneous campaigns, gain informational insight through surveys and reward your voters with contests while they go through one simple voting process.

Steinbach Credit Union

Tanya Watkins

Exec. Assistant to the CEO, Steinbach Credit Union

We were pleased with their commitment to excellence and their determination to deliver exactly what we envisioned. They delivered a customized site, and patiently took last minute adjustments in stride. The voting site looked great, was very member-friendly, and performed without a hitch. We look forward to working with them next year.

Carpathia Credit Union

Brian M Petrynko

Chief Marketing Officer, Carpathia Credit Union

They take the stress out of everything... We have taken the system to the limits with audits and have subjected it to a great deal of scrutiny finding no visible errors. It has proved to be totally compliant with internal and external auditors.

Standard features

  • Branded Vogo system (electronic, mail-out, on-site)
  • Voting time limits
  • Last minute additions
  • Real-time results
  • Seamless on-location voting
  • Returning Officer services
  • Scrutineers
  • Live customer support
  • Secure Canadian data servers

Custom capabilities

  • Board of directors elections
  • AGM style resolutions
  • Event and conference voting
  • Voter participation incentives
  • Surveys
  • Contests and rewards
  • Supports every style of voting
  • Supports amalgamated regions

Expanded Options

  • Combined paper ballot and online voting
  • Mail distribution
  • Marketing/Communication Support
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Design support

Need more options?

Vogo is customizable, flexible, and our team is ready and willing to make changes and add features that will help make your vote successful and effective. We’re experts in making voting simple, and we can offer recommendations that will help benefit your business and membership over the long term.

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Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

Marusia Kaweski

Officer of Communications, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

We were apprehensive at first about switching to electronic voting with our multiple-level election system...Our in-house feedback reports that the voting experience was professional and enjoyable for all of our voters. The easy-to-use ballot system made the whole process simpler and quicker than in the past. Our organization highly recommends Avenue 4’s simple and accurate ballot system. We are already looking forward to using it again at our next assembly!

Westoba Credit Union

Westoba Credit Union

The system was solid and Avenue 4 was great to work with - they just made it so easy for us. Everything worked perfectly and we were completely confident in the results. Avenue 4's knowledge and experience were instrumental in the success of our annual election process.